Downfall by Dan Hauss (DVD)

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Downfall by Dan Hauss (DVD)
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Downfall ist ein neues Konzept für psychokinetische Effekte. Einfach und unglaublich praktisch öffnet diese DVD ein neues Genre von PK Magie.


Dan Hauss came to us with an idea that none of thought was possible. How could something so simple and so easy facilitate some of the best and most convincing psycho kinetic effects that any of us have ever seen?

Downfall introduces a new concept for pk effects that allows you to keep gimmicks and unnecessary items at home. Downfall uses an item that can be found virtually anywhere which makes this effect practically impromptu in any setting.

There is no doubt that with the knowledge given on this DVD a new genre of pk magic will be born.

No threads
No magnets
No weights
No blowing
No strings
Easy Setup
You don't even need to be in the same room

Running Time Approximately 17min

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