Diabolo Instructional DVD Will Roya

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Diabolo Instructional DVD Will Roya
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Lernen Sie die Grundlagen des Diabolo sowie Tricks für Fortgeschrittene.


With Special Guest, Brian Erle

Diabolo (Di-ab-o-lo):
An old game or sport (revived under this name) consisting in whirling on a string, fastened to two sticks, a small somewhat spool-shaped object (called the diabolo) so as to balance it on a string, toss it in the air and catch it, etc. Also known as the "Chinese Yo-Yo."

Learn the basics of the diabolo and also advanced tricks including an introduction to two diabolos.


• Introduction
• Basics Of Diabolo
• String Length
• Whip Acceleration
• Correcting Spin


• Throwing And Catching
• Around The Leg With One Hand
• Around The Leg
• Over The Arm
• Elevator
• Low Bounces
• Suns


• Over Both Legs
• Bouncing On The Trampoline
• Around The Stick
• Winding And Unwinding The Clock
• Over The Waist
• Bounces Into Scissors
• Arm Scoop
• Stick Grinds
• Cat's Cradle


• Pirrouette
• Bounces Over The Head
• Jump Rope
• Variation Of The Whip
• Over Both Arms
• Whip
• The Magical Knot

Additional Tricks:

• Hop Through Ring
• Two Diabolos
• Diabolo On Ring
• Diabolo Hand-off
• Will Quick Start
• Trick With Partners And Passing

Bonus Features:

• Brian's Routine
• Will Promo Demo
• Will Live At The Imperial Palace
• Resources
• Bloopers
• Final Words


Brian Erle
Brian is an accomplished juggler, musician and puppeteer and has been performing at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for the past 13 years.

Will Roya:
Will is considered the best diabolo artist in the world, in his price range. He has performed over 2000 variety shows in the last decade and regularly performs at major hotels & casinos in Las Vegas and on cruise ships around the world.

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