Desert Brainstorm from A-1 Magical Media Vol 3 (DVD)

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Desert Brainstorm from A-1 Magical Media Vol 3 (DVD)
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Stillen Sie Ihren Durst an Mentalmagie! 7 bekannte Magier - 21 starke Routinen auf 3 Volumes


Starring the infamous Arizona 6 ½
7 brawny performers - 21 dynamite routines!

Three videos to cure your thirst for Mental Magic!

Out of the sweltering desert of Arizona, rides a band of full-time professional performers specializing in Mentalism and Mental Magic. Every few months they come together for a day of intense sessioning to create new routines hone works-in-progress and scare women and small children. They are known as the Arizona 6 1/2, a secret group dedicated to raising Mentalism and Mental Magic to their highest levels.
Recently, they all saddled up and were rustled into Sacramento where the A-1 MagicalMedia brand was permanently burned into their hides. Properly broken, the men got down to business, each performing and explaining their pet Mental Magic secrets. All of the material is strong and commercial, each routine being tested under fire before real-world audiences in places where if the material isn't killer, someone usually gets hurt. This is your chance to head over to the North Forty of Mental Magic and learn the real work, from real men.

Who are the Arizona 6 1/2?
• Larry Becker
• Lee Earle
• Docc Hilford
• Kenton Knepper
• Gene Urban
• Mark Strivings
• Christopher Caldwell

Volume Three

Effects Performed and Explained:

Larry Becker -
Extra Sensory Deception
Christopher Caldwell - Auto Brainstorm
Gene Urban - Somewhere in Time
Docc Hilford - The Devil's Dice
Lee Earle - Quadravoque
Kenton Knepper - Sock It Away
Mark Strivings - Open & Shut


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