Cutting Edge Cards & Coins 3 Set - Born Dean (DVD)

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Cutting Edge Cards & Coins 3 Set - Born Dean (DVD)
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Sind Sie bereit für einige erstaunliche Effekte mit Karten und Münzen? Lernen Sie die nächste Generation von Moves und Effekten mit Münzen.


Get ready for some of the most amazing magic with cards & coins ever seen! Join John Born & Jason Dean as they share with you the next generation of moves, effects and flourishes for the close-up enthusiast.

Three Incredible DVDs in one case!
DVD 1: Cutting Edge Card Magic
DVD 2: Cutting Edge Coin Magic
DVD 3: Cutting Edge Flourishes & One on One "Jam Session"
Plus: An In-Depth Credits Section For Your Reference!

Here are some of famous effects fefatured on the 3 DVDs:
Translocation ReBorn
Flying Sandwich
BQM(Borrowed Quarter Matrix)
1-2-3-4 Backfire
Muscle Pass Coin Change
Layover Coin Change
Toss Change
I Love You
Fan Flip Freak
Johnny B's 6 Way
Get A Life
Splat In Half
Sandwich Outdone
Punch Transpo
The One-Handed Card Trick
Twisting the Illusion
The Vanishing Lesson
The "Woble" Vanish
Palmy Twist
Finger Ringer
Balance Palm
Layover Production
3Fly section
True Cut Z- False shuffle
Toss Double
Glide Double
Convincing Control Variant
The Dean's Double
Diving Board Double Variant
& Much Much More!

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