Cultural Xchange 2 with Shoot and Appollo (DVD)

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Cultural Xchange 2 with Shoot and Appollo (DVD)
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Shoot und Appollo stellen haben wieder ein tolles Werk mit 15 total neuen und spannenden Routinen zusammengestellt. Von grossen bis zu kleinen, von einfachen bis zu schwierigen Tricks - alles dabei! Diese Routinen hauen Sie vom Hocker!


Once again Shoot and Apollo are stretching the borders of cutting-edge sleight of hand. Bob Kohler Magic is proud to release 15 totally new and exciting routines from the working repertoire of two of the busiest professional magicians in the world.

When they're not working or sleeping, these super creative magicians are busy inventing and polishing magic for their performances. You are the beneficiary, because Shoot and Apollo are releasing these secrets from the vault of their working material.
Cultural Xchange set new standards for performance material that was so visual no language is needed for the audience to "get" the effect. Of course great patter will enhance any routine, but these routines fill a void in most magicians arsenals by providing professional grade material for when it's so loud no one can hear a word you say.

Cultural Xchange 2 takes you deeper into the world of drop-dead visuals. The routines vary from "quickies" to full-blown performance pieces. Skill levels are from very easy to real knuckle busters. All of the routines share one attribute…they will knock your socks off!

Live performances followed by detailed instruction will soon have you up to speed. Objects used are cards, coins, pens, dice, keys and even a poker chip. Incredible new techniques, choreography and audience management using body motion are just a few of the in-depth lessons Shoot and Apollo have designed inside of the routines. The material is absolutely killer!


Son of Recap

Coins To Glass

Heel Tap

Impossible Change

Kelly In The Box

Great Triumph

Perp To Pocket

No Steal Matrix

Kelly Cuts Aces

Gambler's Transpo

Tip Flip

Quick Matrix

Trapeze Trio

8 Way Change

2B Gone (2 Versions)

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