Criss Angel – Complete Season Six

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Criss Angel – Complete Season Six
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Criss versucht noch mehr unglaubliche Illusionen und physikalische Kunststücke.


Criss Angel's unique blend of illusion and reality and his ability to push creative, physical, and mental boundaries have earned him the reputation as one of the most innovative performers of his day. Now the world-renowned mystifier takes his Mindfreak to unprecedented levels with six epic one-hour specials featuring his trademark and death-defying escapes and demonstrations.

This season, Criss attempts even more incredible illusions and amazing physical feats, including a spectacular jump across the Grand Canyon on a powerful new-age motorcycle, a mass vanish of more than 100 people, and a re-creation of the most dangerous Houdini escape ever (while hanging more than 4000 feet above the ground!). Criss will also attempt to walk up the side of the Luxor Hotel and Casino and combine two of his most acclaimed demonstrations when he tries to levitate more than 400 feet up in the air...and then vanish.

• The Secrets Behind Criss Angel s Tricks

• DISC 1: The Grand Canyon Death Jump / Luxor Walk / Cement Shoes
• DISC 2: 100 Gone / Smash / Levitation Vanish / Bonus

Total Running Time: Approximately 4hrs 24mins