Crash Course 1 (DVD) (Ellusionist)

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Crash Course 1 (DVD) (Ellusionist)
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Lernen Sie explosive Kartenmagie! Crash-1 lehrt Sie einige grundlegende und teuflische Techniken.


"Learn how to perform explosive card magic easily..."

1. Introduction
2. Mechanic's grip and breaks
3. Swing cuts
4. Injog Controls
5. Card in Hand - trick
6. False Cut & Dribble
7. Here Then There - trick
8. Protrude Control
9. Heat - 2 Card Selection - trick
10. C-Short, Force, T-Palm
11. Braue Reversal
12. Fastest Trick on Earth - trick
13. Out of Sight /see it done - trick
14. Out of Sight - learn it
15. Wrap up

Card in Hand
A person draws a card and notes it, it is shuffled into the pack and lost.

A card that is NOT the spectator's card is given to the spectator and he is asked to thrust the card into the pack wherever he "feels" it should go. The magician says it has gone in right next to his selected card! They look at all cards at that location but the magician has failed - none of them are the correct card. Finally the spectator turns over the "thrusting" card he has been using - it is HIS card.

Here then There
A spectator is given the four of spades to hold between his hands. The magician takes the queen of hearts and waves it over the spectator's closed hands.

The queen in the magician's hands becomes the four - the spectator opens his hands and he is holding the queen.

Two cards are selected and buried in the deck. The magician talks about being able to sense a person's card because it retains heat after they touch it. He spreads through the cards and somewhere around the middle finds a card that is "warm" - it IS the first spectator's card. He takes this card and, using it as a pointer, asks the second spectator to call stop as he passes it over the spread deck. The spectator calls stop. As the magician is about to turn over the card on the table he pauses ---- and then turns over the first spectator's card in his hand being used as the pointer -- it IS the second spectator's card.

C-Short, Force, T-Palm
A devious, surefire method to control a person's card even though they shuffle the deck. No card worker ANYWHERE should be without this in their arsenal. It puts you SO far ahead of the audience that virtually anything can be done with their card as a means to locate it. Great for those super tough audiences who MUST shuffle the cards.

Fastest Trick on Earth
The handling on this great effect was originated by Brad. A card is selected by someone. The magician asks if they would like to see the fastest trick in the world. They say yes. At that point and THAT point only, the selected card is slid back into the face down deck (yes, all the cards really are face DOWN). With no further ado - no false moves, no waiting - the magician dribbles the cards so that they spread in his hand or on the table. The person's card appears face UP in the middle where it was placed. Instantly.

It went in face down clearly and obviously - a moment later it is face up after being lost in the deck. Startling - you should see the reaction. Focuses on extremely clean and clever handling.

Out of Sight
Truly one of the great Mind Reading tricks - very effective. You show cards one at a time until the spectator has merely thought of one. Those cards are buried in the deck and the deck is thoroughly shuffled. End result: the spectator is thinking of ONE card and that card is somewhere in the deck - no one knows where.
The magician says he wants to go through the pack once more to make sure that the spectator has a VISUAL of it and so that the spectator knows for sure his card is in the pack - somewhere. The magician goes through the cards quickly, one by one, stopping occasionally to ask if the spectator has verified his card yet. Finally the spectator says he has seen his card in the ones that have been turned over, and the magician stops and says great - and gives one last shuffle for good measure.

The magician takes the pack and begins to place cards face down into the spectator's hand one by one, asking the spectator to send the image of the card with his mind. Finally the magician stops on one card ... hesitates.... looks at the spectator hard... then says YES - this is your card.
It is exactly the card they THOUGHT OF moments before.

Each "move" is broken down fully and taught by Brad Christian... it will take a little practice, but before long you will look like a pro and you will perform sleight of hand that is completely amazing.

Crash-1 teaches devious but subtle moves that pack a massive, gut hitting wallop.

For example, the video teaches a technique used when the climax of the trick hits, showing you how to increase the reaction of the spectator to a mindblowing proportion. We've seen one other magician use this technique, and he became a huge star partly because of it. The technique demands discipline on the part of the performer, but, use it and you will reap rewards that are pure gold. Once you get used to it you'll do it naturally all the time.
Tanyce, the beautiful redhead, is the main spectator in this video. You may know her from watching the invisible deck previews. She brought her son, Dannan, who was standing on the sidelines watching the card tricks on the monitors and reacting so heavily that the crew decided spur of the moment to put him into the video. He came up with some funny lines during the shooting, and some killer reactions.

Brad does some work on the street also - to demonstrate how certain effects can be done ANYWHERE.

* Simple false cuts that are so smooth they will make ANY audience think the deck is thoroughly mixed.

* Undetectable double-lift techniques

* A stealth-like way to control the cards-- after a spectator shuffles them

* Brad's shocking version of the amazing "Here then There" card trick, where a card the spectator is guarding visually changes places with another card- instantly. See this one in the "Real People Clips" below.

* Several other sleights, tricks, and full routines - many with a MindReading undertone.

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