Cradle To Grave by De'vo (DVD)

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Cradle To Grave by De'vo (DVD)

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Eine der meist gelobtesten DVDs wenn es um Kartenmanipulationen geht!


This mind blowing DVD is the hottest Card Flourish DVD on the market! Received rave reviews by Jeff McBride, Daryl, T.G. Murphy, Peter Duffie, Jerry Cestkowski and many others. If you want to learn the most cutting edge card material there is, then this DVD is for you.

But this isn't just a DVD, it's a complete package that include access to De'vo's private forum with many bonuses and several bonus video with extra moves, routines, ideas, and many many posts by De'vo himself! This alone is worth 3 times the cash. Not to mention his cutting edge underground card moves, two of which are not shown in any video on the net to protect their underground nature. They have to be seen to be believed!

This DVD was named Superhandz DVD of the YEAR! Get it today!


De'vo's Cradle to Grave Routine - This is just incredible! Worth the entire price of the DVD by itself! It's a complete routine that must be seen to be believed. There are several flourishes involved with the routine, an opener, cuts, a closer, bluff opener, pop moves etc.... We can't go into too much detail to protect the underground nature of the routine. This routine will destroy your audiences, laymen and magicians alike. Never before has concepts such as the ones used in the CTG ever been done before! De'vo has gone to great lengths to keep this underground and continues to do so. Anyone even thinking that this may not be for them should pass this on by, anyone even thinking that they may not like flourishes just keep on walking, we would prefer that only xtreme artists or those that are interested in xtreme card manipulation purchase this DVD to help preserve De'vo's material.

- Deck travels to the back of your hand in a flash. EASY, visual, and a great stepping stone to many more difficult stunts.

Flipback vanish - A packet vanish from the BACK of your hand! One of the cleanest most visual packet vanishes ever! See it on the trailers!

Flipback Fan - The most uniquely formed fans ever! The first you see this you will be blown away. See it in the trailer!

Birdy Fan - This is just AWESOME! The first time you do it you will be showing everyone. Very simple to do, and very cool. Can be used as a floating fan, or a stepping stone.

Smooth Opener - An unreal way to remove the deck from the box. -see it in the trailer.

BONUS - Heaven Display - another underground masterpiece from De'vo. When the pros first heard about this, none of them believed it could be done. NOW learn the easy method for accomplishing this legendary move.

Access to De'vo's private forum to complete the entire package. 6 more BONUS VIDEOS - 4 fans (a fanning tutorial) to include De'vo's vicious speed fan, or manipulation fan. 2 very easy openers. Also the forum has hundreds of posts with tips, hints, routine ideas, bonus moves such as the watch spin in the black deck video, a box vanish and more. This isn't just a DVD, but a gateway into a whole new world of Xtreme card manipulation. Access to this forum is automatically given to all that purchase. Please abide by all posted rulez to remain in the forum. Remaining in the forum is a privilege, not a right. Violators of posted rules will be banned.

PRO REVIEWS: What do the pros have to say??

"AWESOME! Cradle to Grave blends rich images, lush soundtrack, and revolutionary technique.
Jeff McBride - Las Vegas Headliner"

Cradle to Grave is simply incredible! De'vo performs the entire routine flawlessly and his teaching DVD is excellent. Every detail has been included, the production quality is top notch, and I particularly appreciate his method of getting the students to practice individual steps over and over again. If you're willing to take the time and effort to practice and learn this routine, you'll have something very special in your repertoire.
Daryl -The Magician's Magician

De'vo's new "Cradle To Grave" DVD lives up to its hype of being completely original.
It is truly original and creative starting with the one-of-a-kind flourishes to the unique teaching methods, in addition to the editing,
text, music and special effects.
Even the end credits, teasers and promotional advertisement of upcoming material are off the wall original.

I was totally impressed by the 'bigger than life' impact this DVD masterpiece suggested and did I already mention the originality surrounding this entire DVD project?

"Cradle To Grave" is presentational perfection period!
T. G. Murphy 2003

The Cradle to Grave DVD played perfectly on my TV and looks terrific throughout. The production values and CGI contained in the Intro, alone, are stunning and eerie, and you would be forgiven for thinking that you were about to watch a quality horror movie straight out of Hollywood rather than an instructional card flourish video. Even more remarkable is that De'vo did this all by himself.

De'vo suggests viewers turn off the sound and play their own music, but the music supplied is excellent. As for the material presented and taught - all superb. People unskilled in advanced flourish work, as I am, may expect impossible items on this. While some can be rather demanding, items such as the Birdy Fan and Heaven Display worked for me first time! If people fail to learn from this DVD, it certainly will not be due to poor presentation on De'vo's part. Far from it. The construction and presentation of the tutorial sections are first class and the items demonstrated and taught are both original and 'visually poetic' to watch.

This is a must-have for lovers of the pasteboards, and I look forward to the forthcoming Cobra DVD and also the Ring (that's right - a ring, not cards) - both previewed on this DVD. Oh, I almost forgot to mention "The Ulmen Trials." But perhaps that's best left to the discerning viewer, as even a mere mention of it may deeply disturb those of a nervous disposition...

Best Wishes
Peter Duffie

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