Chris Philpott's PANTHEON

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Chris Philpott's PANTHEON
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Klassischer Mental Effekt aufgeladen mit dem 100th Monkey Prinziep!



Klassische mentalistische Effekt nach dem 100th-Monkey-Prinzip

Erlernen Sie 24 Mental-Effekte, die auf dem 100th-Monkey-Prinzip beruhen und absolut überwältigend wirken! Sie erhalten dazu umfangreiches Material in Form von drei englischsprachigen DVDs, 12 Postkarten, neun kompletten Effekt-Vorführungen, über 500 jpeg-Datein und einem 220-seitigen eBook in englischer Sprache. Die Effekte funktionieren sowohl im Close-up, als auch auf der Bühne und sind größtenteils sehr einfach vorzuführende Mirakel.

Führen Sie beispielsweise eine Voraussage vor, die auf einem normalen Stück Papier oder einem White Board gemacht wird und für eine große Überraschung sorgt. Inklusive ist außerdem eine Force mit fünf Kuverts, Gimmicks für einen Stuhltest, eine Namensvoraussage, eine Gedankenleseroutine mit zwei Gewürzen, Sportarten und Formen, eine aus 44 Zeichnungen richtig vorausgesagte Zeichnung, die Sie aus den Gedanken Ihres Zuschauers duplizieren, eine zutreffende Voraussage eines Prominenten ohne Vorbereitung oder Assistenten, eine Routine, in der Sie Ihrem Zuschauer die Erinnerung nehmen, ein Buchtest und unglaubliche psychologische Force-Routinen. Aber das ist längst nicht alles!

Sie erhalten umfangreiches Anleitungsmaterial zu den Routinen in englischer Sprache, in dem alle Tricktechnik und erforderlichen Details professionell und ausführlich erklärt werden inklusive aller erforderlichen Gimmicks und Requisiten.

"I love this! The new directions in which Chris has taken the 100th Monkey principle are brilliant. This is very strong, easy-to-do mentalism that allows the performer to concentrate on performance. While Chris respects the classic plots of mentalism, he pushes the limits and methods farther, adding another layer of mystery and making them cleaner and more direct. This is a valuable addition to any mentalist's arsenal."

- Banachek

"Like a breath of fresh air, this principle's application to many of our classics makes everything new again."
- Paul Vigil

"Chris Philpott has taken some classic mentalism plots and made them even better. Not only in method, but in the effect they have on your audiences."
- Jon Armstrong

"This is incredible! You are crazy insane putting out all these ideas. So good"
- Ran Pink

"Chris Philpott created a whole new area of mentalism with the 100th Monkey and he owns it! Chris lives for his wonderful new principle and he is always creating new effects and ideas that are straightforward and mind-boggling. Pantheon is the latest, biggest, and best to date. You will find endless ideas that have been carefully developed for all areas of classic mentalism. (The Mental Epic idea is one of my favorites!). There are gimmicks for close-up and stage and for any type of mentalism you may perform. Because the 100th Monkey principle is so well hidden within these clever routines, you never have to worry about someone discovering the general principle. This is top-notch stuff for professional workers. You can't go wrong with this mammoth package. Get this!"
- Richard Osterlind

Effects include:

Mental Epic

12 different versions featuring classic plots like Let's Make a Movie, Dream Vacation, and Dream Date. But in these versions, there is no need for suspicious-looking boards - the predictions are written on ungimmicked paper or white boards and covered with clearly-labeled cards. Once you place them down, you never touch them again - a spectator handles them after that - the cards switch themselves!

Drawing Duplication
5 different, super-clean versions of this classic mentalist effect. In one, you show them a poster with 44 different objects to draw and they think of any one - and yet you know exactly what they will draw!

Bank Night
You display envelopes clearly labeled 1 through 5 - and yet you can force each of five spectators to choose any envelope you want! An invaluable utility that can be used for many other effects.

The Chair Test
3 separate 100th Monkey gimmicks that can be used in any Chair Test you do now, plus a full show-stopping routine (which solves the sight-line issues with the effect).

After a spectator secretly writes down a first name, you not only name the person they are thinking of, but reveal detailed information about who they are!

Monkeys Ahoy
Based on Luke Jermay's Touching on Hoy, three spectators think of two spices, sports and shapes - and you are able to divine each thought accurately with no questions and nothing written down!

The Celebrity Baby Gag
You show a spectator a poster with dozens of celebrities and they think of any one - and you know exactly which celebrity they are thinking of! Now pre-show or stooges.

Memory Erasure
5 different effects where you take away someone's memory. Create a perfect assassin who has no recollection of the murder he has committed! Wipe away a person's anxiety with a calming spell. There is even a version for the corporate magician in which a spectator misinterprets customer feedback.

Book Tests
This includes effects that make it possible for one spectator to read another's mind by seeing a word in a word-find puzzle.

Psychological Forces
Makes popular psychological forces seem fairer and more impossible.

Plus, much more!

Updates, extra cards and bonus effects for those who register, including:

"The first time I saw Chris Philpott's 100 monkeys I didn't believe it - it's such a strong effect. But after I tried for a few times in front of real people, it became something that I use in every show that I do. The new DVD has so many variations and effects that are very clever and workable. This is an A1 product. I am very excited!"
- Lior Manor

"It is VERY rare when we add any marketed effect to our shows. These new uses for this amazing principle are so great and wide open to creative presentations that I'm having a hard time deciding what MIRACLES I'm going to create next. I say that in plural because the ideas flow faster than I can write them down; there are at least 1000 Monkeys here! A tool beyond compare for the professional Wonder-Maker!"
- Joe Givan, FISM Champion

"If Chris Philpott was digging in the ground, by now he'd be more than halfway to China. Fortunately, he's been digging further into the 100th Monkey principle, with bountiful results. So, he gets to stay home, and we get to enjoy the results. In short: You'll dig this!"
- Max Maven

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