Carlyle Touch Vol. 2

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Carlyle Touch Vol. 2
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Meister Mentalist Carlyle nimmt Sie ins Vertrauen und erklärt einige seiner besten Geheimnisse. Mr. Carlyle erklärt zudem wie man auch im Close-Up Bereich die Zuschauer unterhält.


Mentalism is not just for large stages and enormous audiences as E. Raymond Carlyle proves in this, the second volume of The Carlyle Touch series.

In this volume, the Master Mentalist takes you into his confidence and reveals some of his most cherished secrets. Mr. Carlyle teaches you to entertain under the most intimate circumstances-right under the noses of your audience.

You will learn:

* Annemann Revisited
* No Gimmick Book Test and Almost No-Gimmick Book Test
* No Gimmick Seven Keys to Baldpate
* Carlyle's Almost Real Prediction
* The Butter Tub Prediction
* Carlyle's handling for U.F. Grant's Version of Out of This World
* The Guessing Game
* Thought to Picture

This DVD also contains printable PDF documents containing further instructions for many of the routines in the video presentations.

Bonus Section

We persuaded Mr. Carlyle to include more than thirty minutes of bonus footage. He explains additional handlings for Creditcard-Portationand the Carlyle Bill Switch from Volume One, as well as his presentation and handling for the classic Jaks Wallet.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 35min

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