Box Monster (DVD) (Ellusionist)

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Box Monster (DVD) (Ellusionist)
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Zwei gewählte Karten steigen wieder aus einer verschlossenen Kartenschachtel.


The spectator selects two cards from the deck-- there are no forces. With no funny moves, the cards are placed back in the center of the deck. The deck is then placed back into the box. The box is closed.
With no false movements, the card box visibly snaps open and one card is then seen to slowly, visibly rise up out of the deck.

Your hand grips the card gently and pulls it out of the deck. The card is slowly turned over-- it's the first card they selected.

The spectators eyes are fixed on your hands. You bring the cards down to the table and spread them from right to left.

Then, one card begins to slowly move out of the spread, towards the spectator -- while on the table. You've never seen anything like this. And neither have they-- it's plain eerie. The card moves out of a spread on the TABLE.

• All inclusive, detailed instruction by Nathan Kranzo
• Broadcast quality DVD
• Use any deck you want
• Easy to learn -- simple, direct, and effective
• Includes everything you need except a standard deck

- There is set up but it is complete in 3-4 seconds
- There is a gimmick used to aid the effect, included
- Clean up is natural and instant... and easy
- Performed constantly by Nathan in his act

Box Monster: This is a GREAT effect. Within 10 minutes of watching the DVD I had it set and I did it PERFECTLY on my first attempt. This is awesome.

This will be the most simple reputation maker you will own. I love it, and my darling wife has already come up with several patter lines for it. If you use the Ghost Deck, this thing will ROCK with a "ghost theme".

I have been doing an effect very close to this one for years, but it didn't have near the power this one does. Box Monster is a double knock-out punch to the spectator's reality! I love it.

Set up is so easy. You can set this up in-front of the specs and they will NEVER suspect a thing.

I just did this trick for my kids. They are seldom impressed by magic (some of you have commented about that in my videos). They FREAKED OUT. At first they were like : "okay, another rising card trick, yeah whatever Dad." Then when I did a card spread and the second card popped out they had a FIT!

This thing ranks up there with an Invisible Deck for me. It is actually easier to learn then the ID. Get it, you will not be disappointed."

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