BeLieVe by Joel Paschall

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BeLieVe by Joel Paschall
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Eine abgerissene Ecke verwandelt sich die Ecke der gewählten Karte!


A pure, impromptu miracle from the mind of Joel Paschall. A card is selected from the deck, signed, and returned. An indifferent card is shown; the corner is ripped off and placed face up on the table. The rest of the card is set aside, in view.

With a slow, calculated, delicate wave of your hand over the torn corner, it visually changes into that of the spectator's chosen selection. Impossible? The rest of the card - which has been in view the entire time - is turned over as well.

+ the corners match. the signature remains.

Believe is a visual transformation under the cleanest conditions possible. A unique twist on Jean Hugard's 'Leopard Spots,' Believe is an effect that is simple yet extremely powerful.

Shot in high definition, Believe features live performances and expert teaching by Joel Paschall. Learn every eccentricity of this effect, from start to finish, in complete detail.

• Completely impromptu
• No gimmicks. No force. No duplicates.
• Bonus sleights and applications
• Shot on location at California Magic
• 30 minutes of detailed instruction

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