Bare Hands Bill Production and Other Bill Effects (DVD)

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Bare Hands Bill Production and Other Bill Effects (DVD)
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Lassen Sie bis zu 6 Geldscheine aus Ihrer Hand erscheinen, einen nach dem anderen aus Ihrer baren Hand.


Juan Pablo's thinking is brilliant. His bill production and change are wonderful to behold! Its visual, commercial and ingenious. I highly recommend it! - John Carney Juan Pablo, the creator of "Roped", "Iguana", "No Gravity" and many others brilliant effects, did it again! This new DVD contains a new way to produce up to 6 real bills from your bare hands and other bills tricks, combining his famous bill change with this new technique.

Produced in English, Spanish and Japanese!!! Includes Gimmicks

Produce up to 6 bills, one by one from your bare hands. During the bills production, a white paper appears, and suddenly it changes into a real bill. Combine the bill production with the amazing Juan Pablo´s bill change. A signed borrowed bill vanishes and then, another bill changes into the signed one. Tear and restore a borrowed bill using the bill production technique. A borrowed and signed bill vanishes and appears anywhere.The most visual and original bill duplication. and more!

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 14mins


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Braucht einiges an Übung, damit es sauber aussieht. Das meiste ist sehr winkelabhängig.
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