Bar Magic from the Greater Magic Library (DVD)

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Bar Magic from the Greater Magic Library (DVD)
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Die ultimative DVD für Barzauberer.


Imagine the fun performing behind the bar as a magic bartender. You'll need to know more than a few card tricks though. In two hours, Eric Mead, Bob Sheets, and Scotty York use their years of experience to show and tell you how to be a success behind the bar. They reveal some of their proven, favorite routines and also discuss in four informative interviews how to make a good living performing in this venue. This is the definitive DVD on the art of bar magic.

Effects included:
• Scotty York's - Change for a twenty
• Bob Sheets' - Heba Haba's Handkerchief
• Bob Sheets' - TONTE
• Eric Meads' - Lazy Man's Card Under Bottle Explanation
• Eric Meads' - Short Fuse Explanation
• Scotty York's - Change for a Twenty Explanation
• Scotty York's - Color Changing Knives Explanation
• Scotty York's - Doesn't Time Fly Explanation
• Bob Sheets' - Hydrostatic Glass Explanation
• Bob Sheets' - Killer Three Card Monte Explanation