Back to Basics #1 - the Flourishing (DVD)

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Back to Basics #1 - the Flourishing (DVD)
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Lernen Sie die klassischen Karten-Manipulationen von einem Spezialisten auf seinem Gebiet: Capaso Casino.


Learn the classics from the great card manipulator who brought you "CapCuts", Capaso Casino. From a simple table spread to a one-handed weave shuffle with a full bridge finish, get it all here. In flourishing even the slightest finger placement can make all the difference in the world. Finally you'll learn the correct way to do it, so everyone from be-ginner to expert has something to learn with each viewing.

Do you remember seeing that magician in vegas who could do a perfect one hand fan in the blink of an eye? How about a perfect S-fan? The crazy one that could throw a playing card onto the roof of the hotel. Well enough practice mixed with Cap Casino's clear, technically correct teaching style you can get to that level faster than you could have ever imagined. Many of these techniques have only been taught in book form... until now. Flourishes need to be SEEN to LEARN correctly. Let's get to the good stuff.

What you'll learn on this DVD:
Finger Flexing
Twirl False
Thumb Fan
Swing Cut
1 Hand Fan
Swivel Cut
1 Hand Reverse Fan
Charier Cut
Twirl Cut

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