At the Table Live Lecture Eric Jones January 20th 2016 video DOWNLOAD

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At the Table Live Lecture Eric Jones January 20th 2016 video DOWNLOAD
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Als nächstes haben wir jemanden, der Penn&Teller reingelegt und Lost Art Magic mitbegründet hat, Eric Jones und er bringt seine neueste Lecture mit!


Erics neue Lecture ist nicht mit anstrengender Technik gefüllt, sondern viel mehr mit praktischer, mächtiger Magie, die Sie innerhalb von Minuten meistern können. Jedoch entdecken Sie die wahren Geheimnisse dieser komplett neuen “At the Table Live Lecture “ wenn Eric seine Gedanken zu Vorführung von Zaubertricks, Theorie und Struktur teilt. Begleiten Sie uns und beginnen Sie das Jahr mit Ihrem Anteil eines Geschenkkorbs, voll mit der Magie der Profis!

Smoke - Your hands are shown empty and from thin air produce a sharpie. Then you tell the spectator to use their imagination as you pretend to draw paper and tobacco in thin air. Once you do you roll the imaginary cigarette light it and produce smoke from thin air.

Eric Collectors Routine - 4 Kings are shown as 3 cards are signed and selected and lost into the deck. The signed cards then appear between the Kings.

Performing With Rhythm - Eric shares what it takes to perform smoothly and in rhythm which is very important for all performers.

Hellbound Spellbound - Our favorite Trick of the Lecture! A SUPER VISUAL multiple phase coin routine that should go straight into any coin magicians repertoire.

Self-Working Coin Trick - A copper coin and silver coin are shown and held one in each hand and visually change places multiple times! Looks like a camera trick!

Eric's Creative Process - Eric shares what it takes to create your own effects.

Impromptu coin and Hat - You borrow the spectators hat and a coin. The coin in placed in the hand and appears inside the had that has been on the spectators head the whole time!

Ishkabibble Sandwhich - One of David Blaines favorite effects that Eric performs. A card Visually appears between two kings! This is one you'll have to see to believe.

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