Off the Meter-Applausometer

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Off the Meter-Applausometer
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Perfekt für Zauberkünstler, Comedians, Bauchredner, Redner, Lehrer, Politiker ...Ideal als Applausometer, zum Gedankenlesen, als Lügendetektor, ...



Diese Teil wird einfach jedes Publikum unterhalten!
Perfekt für Zauberkünstler, Comedians, Bauchredner, Redner, Lehrer, Politiker ... nun eigentlich für jeden mit Publikum!

Ein perfekter Start für die Show - oder als witziger Abschluss für die Show.

Benutzen Sie es als: Applausometer, für die nächste Superstar-Show, zum Gedankenlesen, als Lügendetektor, um Ihr Publikum aufzuwärmen, Medizinisches Hilfsgerät, und vieles mehr!

Die Handhabung ist so einfach und das zu erzielende Resultat wird überzeugen!

Sie erhalten den kompletten Koffer ohne Beschreibung. (Die Handhabung ist sehr einfach!)

Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies kein richtiges Applausometer ist, sondern ein Gag, der aber sehr gut ankommt und in jeder Kindershow eine Bereichung ist.

Englische Originalbeschreibung:
Comedians,Ventriloquists, Public Speakers, Teachers, M.C.'s. Ministers, Anyone with an Audience!

It is both an opener and closer. As a closer, the audience lets the (Client) know how much they appreciated the show". Dennis Michael.

"I'd advise everyone who uses (Off THE METER) to get ear plugs.
I guarantee that eventually, you will develop an ear ringing problem (Tinnitus)". Richard Lyn

Measure or Test anything for a big laugh!
An Applause meter!
Instant "American Idol" show!
A "Mind Reader"!
Chosen Card Reader!
Warm up any Crowd!
Nerd Tester!
Game Show!
A perfect opener for your show!
Instant Contests Anytime!
Medical Examinations!
Test a Class to see if they Listened!
Measure the I.Q. of men vs. women!
Geiger Counter!
Earthquake Seismograph (stomping feet)
Radiation Tester!
Measure how good that last trick was!
Use it as a "Breathalyzer" at Parties
Computer Virus Detector!
A perfect running gag...with a big ending!

How it works.... There are no electronics in the batteries needed...the needle is completely under your control. The actual mechanism will remain a secret, but it's a dream to operate and you control it 100%, so move it fast, move it slow, move it to 3 - 6 - 9 or's up to you.
The secret to this product is in "working your crowd" you can really get a fantastic reaction using this one!

I used mine every show this past weekend, and it was a blast! There are plenty of self-working tricks, but this is a self-working ROUTINE! Really, the kids latch onto the concept so fast, AND they love it...Using "Off the Meter" makes me think "how have I managed without this before?"
I score this one: 11/10
Doug Roberts
Potty the Pirate

Got mine today! Fantastic! Wow!
I can't wait to use this baby! Well made... and unlimited in the ways it can be used!
Doug Jenking

Shameless promotion Idea!
- In addition to confetti or foam objects, load a handful of business cards; (After the explosion, look at the floor) "What are these…business cards!...if you're looking for a way to "peg the fun meter" at you next special event, call or email me to see what I can do for you!"
Mike Hemmelgarn
Ventriloquist / Juggler/ Magician

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