Ambitiouxs Card - Crash 2 DVD (Ellusionist)

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Ambitiouxs Card - Crash 2 DVD (Ellusionist)

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Lassen Sie Karten verschwinden, erscheinen und vieles mehr. Zudem lernen Sie eine der besten Kartenroutinen überhaupt!



"Twisted moves and unparalleled teaching in Crash-2 give you staggering reactions from spectators in your Ambitious Card routine..."

Don't even think it's like any other video you've seen.

The video delivers blinding performance and stunning quality. Using state-of-the-art methods to teach hard core material, C2 AmbitiouXs uses slow motion, frame-by-frame action, voice-overs, multiple over the shoulder shots and multiple performances for real people on gritty street corners, to teach one of the most amazing card trick routines alive.

What you will see in this video...

- Multiple performances on the streets
- Multiple talks on the vital aspects of magic and routining
- The most effective methods to TEACH better: voice-overs, slow motion, multiple angle shots
- A preview that will show you the quality involved
- An iron clad money back guarantee if you don't like the video
- A full support system and PROTECTED discussion forum for the material
- An on-call support staff of experts ready to answer ANY question you have
- Packed
with all the tools you need to transform ordinary card tricks into electrifying wonders

"There is a ton of solid material on here, and while you go into detail on the moves that deserve it, you keep things moving. The look, sound and feel of the production is real-world and contemporary. You did a fabulous job on Crash-2."

- Michael Ammar

What you get in this massive 2 Hour video...
Complete tricklist here.

- Techniques that take your Ambitious Card Routine AWAY from the norm... to leap into originality and perform things never before seen with the Ambitious Card.

- Techniques that force a spectator to believe their card is in the middle of the deck beyond a shadow of a doubt.

- A Torn and Restored Card routine and how to use it in your Ambitious Card Routine - or perform it as a stand alone trick.

- The best moves in the world for the Ambitous Card and how to use them in ANY of your other routines.

- The psychology behind brilliant moves like the Marlo Tilt, LePaul Bluff Pass and Notorious "Push-off" Double Lift - how to take each one and turn it into a masterpiece of timing and sheer deception (with rare additions and subtleties for each).

- Learn how to vanish cards, make them appear, and flip over in mid-air... including Brad's Invisible Mid-Air Catch.

- A startling bonus movie for the infamous "Biddle Trick" showing Brad's new handling for the effect, including his visible vanish of the spectator's card BEFORE it appears in their hands (performance only). Enjoy the earth-shattering reactions on this one - wow.

- A bonus movie of the ellusionist® Trick Shirt... see Brad's personal handling for this trick, and what happens when something goes very WRONG during the effect...we leave it all in the clip because you can LEARN from it. By the end of the routine, Brad pulls off the trick and when the ellusionist Team asks her later, the woman thinks it is the most amazing thing Brad showed her.

- We have included as many performances as humanly possible on this video, in every performing situation on the street for as many DIFFERENT types of people as possible because we have discovered that STUDENTS OF THE ART LEARN ALMOST 300% BETTER FROM ABSORBING AND WATCHING A PRO IN ACTION - when they can see real scenes and real people and real action in a real performing situation. See what this feature alone will do for your magic. Don't think about it, just sit back and watch and "absorb".

- What nerves REALLY are and how to not let them stop you.

- How to break down a move to find amazing hidden possibilities.

- Techniques to make your performance natural.

- How to routine your MOVES / How to routine your basic ACT.

- How to flow naturally from one thing to the next in your show... what works and what doesn't.

- Techniques to maximize reactions 100% of the time.

- The most total breakdown ever put on tape of the beautiful and ellusive Push-off Double Lift. This will cure ANY problems you were having, and give you a double lift that is effortless and natural.

- The Sadowitz Side Jog, an insane underground move that literally causes your audience to be 110% certain that their card is in the middle of the deck.

- The James/Ellis Loading move - could this be the best move ever devised for the Ambitous Card Routine? Each phase of this amazing move must be mechanically ingrained in your hands so that it appears perfectly natural - learn each phase and how to practice it for the fast perfection.

- The LePaul Bluff Pass - learn the one subtle technique that allows you to perform it surrounded... and Brad's own technique to make sure you get only ONE card every time without thinking.

- The little known X-factor in the Marlo Tilt that visibly forces an audience to believe the card is going into the middle - they CAN'T believe anything else. (Not the common one you're thinking of!)

- How to integrate the pass with your AC Routine, including different applications.

- The infamous Pop-Up Move - a big crimp is placed in a card and the card is shown to be in the middle of the deck - people visibly see the card as it rises to the top. Brad discusses the reason why this should not be left out of ANY routine and teaches how to get the very MOST out of it.

- Watch riveting performances for Victoria, Mary, Mahal, Rachel, Brenna and Sebastion, June, Calvin - and Jackass Korey with his crowd - amazing entertainment in a video.

- Special appearance by Area 51's Nate Staniforth with a move-by-move breakdown on Nate's award-winning performance. (A stunning Ambitious performance that has gorgeous college girls screaming.)

"C2 AmbitouXs is absolutely astonishing."
- Mark Emerson, UK


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Sehr Gut
Die DVD ist zwar recht teuer, jedoch ist die es wert. Es werden so viele Techniken erklärt und durch die hinzugefügten Vorführungen kann man sich die Techniken leichter aneignen. Es ist sehr leicht sich eine eigene Routine zusammenzubasteln, weiterhin sind auch viele allgemeine Tipps für Vorführungen vor Leuten gegeben.
Review by Tim / (Veröffentlicht am 07.12.2013)
Diese DVD ist ,wie schon vorher erwähnt, gut gemacht und alles wird genaustens erklärt. Allerdings halte ich nicht viel von den "vorgefertigten" Effekten sondern verwende diese DVD mehr als Denkanstoß um eine eigene individuelle AC-Routine zu entwickeln. Denn wenn man sich dann hineinvertieft und zu denken beginnt kommt auf etliche neue Kreationen, dank dieser DVD.
Kaufempfehlung: Diejenigen, die eine eigene Ambitious Card Routine entwickeln wollen, oder jene die nach schönen Moves für ihre bereits bestehende "Ehrgeizige Karte" Routine sind!
Der Preis von 44€ gibt einem zwar zu denken, aber man wird nicht enttäuscht sein, da wirklich sehr viel "Stoff" auf dieser Disc enthalten ist!
Review by Alexander S. / (Veröffentlicht am 07.07.2013)
Sehr viele, sehr schöne Effekte. Das ganze wirklich sehr gut und detailliert erklärt. Auch wenn diese DVD recht teuer ist, ist sie Meiner Meinung nach jeden Cent wert.
Review by Marcelle / (Veröffentlicht am 03.06.2013)

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