Amazing Magic & Mentalism Anyone can Do! Vol 1

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Amazing Magic & Mentalism Anyone can Do! Vol 1
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Routinen mit Karten, Münzen, Gummibänder, Würfel, Visitenkarten, Schreiber, Strohhalmen, Flaschen, Löffel, Taschentücher und vieles mehr! Einfach Spitze!


"Super easy stuff! I've only been in magic for a few months and now I can perform a TON of great magic!"-Daniel G.

"Serious, high-quality production. Jay looks the star of a network television show!" -Larry S.

"I'm a part-time pro and to me the real value was in all the real-world tips Jay gave. I also added four new effects to to my walkaround repertoire. I can't thank you enough!" -Mike N.

"The best introduction to magic ever produced."-Matthew Field, Genii Magazine

This 2-volume set is the ideal way for new students of magic and mentalism to take their performances to "the next level!" Both volumes also contain a wealth of professional tips and advice about performing for real people and the power of SIMPLICITY! Even better, the original three volumes of material are now available on just two volumes and the price of each volume has been cut by more than 30%! In other words, MORE magic and mentalism for your money! Featuring almost 40 ROUTINES with playing cards, coins, rubber bands, dice, business cards, pencils, envelopes, drinking straws, bottles, spoons, napkins, string, knives, coffee grounds and more, both volumes are destined to become two of the best-selling magic and mentalism dvds in the world!

Volume One

20 Effects!

Believe it or Not
Blown Away
Penny Ante
Magic Marker
Plastic Surgery
The Next Card
Acrobatic Aces
Fast Hands
Out of Hand
The One Handed Cut
Secret Passages
Vanishing a Coin
The Yogi's Secret
Through and Through
Easy Money
Impossible Journey

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