30 Tricks & Tips with Magic Spongeballs (DVD)

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30 Tricks & Tips with Magic Spongeballs (DVD)
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Lernen Sie jede Menge Tricks und Tipps von Eddy Ray und begleiten ihn auf eine Reise durch die Welt der Spongeball-Zauberei.


"Easy spongeball magic you can master" can be yours on this "30 Tricks and Tips" DVD. Join Eddy Ray on a step by step journey into the world of spongeball magic.

Bare handed production
Fist production
Continuous split production
Roll appearance
Purse frame
French Drop
Retention vanish
Retention vanish 2
Retention vanish 3
Bare handed vanish
Over the top vanish
Sawing in Half
Basic Transportation
Count to 10
Ball into silk
2 in hnad, 1 in pocket
Balls from the mouth
Professional routine
Triangular matrix
Double vanish and reproduction
Roy Benson Spongeball production
Eddy Ray Spongeball Explosion
Bare handed production with not thumbtips
Tips for Spongeballs
Classic palming for Spongeballs